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Multinvest – Architecting the future

Started as a family business in the early 90’s, the company evolved into a high profile architecture and design firm in only few years, becoming one of the top planning institutes in the field of  civil construction at the end of the century.

As the global financial crisis arrived, Multinvest answered to the challenge, by reorienting the firm’s profile to include Project Management also. When building investments were collapsing, the company successfully inaugurated its own Business Center, becoming pioneer in the city in constructing a green office building. It represented the outset in offering overarching services as general contracting.

With the prosperous outbreak as general contractor, the company succeeded in executing several constructions such as Retail Parks for C&A, Flanco, Sportisimo, KFC, PEPCO, DM, etc., supermarkets like Lidl, along with logistical centers and industrial halls for international companies such as Hirschmann Automotive, Matricon as well as appendix for Romgaz.

At present, the company extended its services with real estate administration, technical and non-technical maintenance, becoming Multinvest Group, diverging in five different sections: Design & Planning, Project Management, AG – General Contracting, Property Management and Facility Management.

The whole team is prepared in satisfying every need of the client, from the birth of an idea, throughout execution, beyond the delivery, ensuring oversight and maintenance of the real estate.

With the launch of its second Business Center, MBC2, the vision of the company is to change the future of the city, by a long-term master plan, projecting a new and innovative neighborhood. The idea of redesigning the area supports not only the growth of business life, but employees can also work in family-friendly and self-sustaining environment. With this idea, the company sustains the concept of Environmental Awareness.

By supporting technological innovation, Multinvest tends to aim the sphere of entrepreneurship by supporting the first co-working space in Tîrgu Mures, and creating opportunities for the flourishing of the community.

Being part of the Green Building & Development Cluster, an entity which is based on the union of forces, Multinvest Group believes in the common values for the growth of the society. With the consolidation of different fields of expertise the goal of industrial and social development can be fulfilled by attracting investors to Transilvania, where market potential is very strong.

The CEO of the company, Gogolák H. Zsolt envisions a future, where over 5000 workplaces could be founded in the city of Tirgu Mures, following his motto by János Bolyai, “Out of nothing I have created a new, different world.”